IT and Information Security

IT Security Audit Certification

Exchange for Change in its capacity as scheme coordinator for the NSW and ACT container deposit schemes, takes the matter of IT and information security seriously. As part of its contractual obligations to both NSW and ACT governments and to ensure the highest standards are met, Exchange for Change is subject to an annual IT Security audit to validate security and continuously improve the security of stakeholder information. For further details, refer to the latest IT Security Audit Certification.

Exchange for Change Board – Communication Protocol

Exchange for Change (NSW) Pty Ltd, Exchange for Change (ACT) Pty Ltd and Exchange for Change (Australia) Pty Ltd (together Exchange for Change) each has a board of Directors (Board) which includes Directors appointed by each Shareholder (being Asahi Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd, Coca-Cola Amatil (Aust) Pty Ltd, Coopers Brewery Limited, CUB Pty Ltd and Lion Pty Ltd).

Given that the Shareholders (as between each other) and Exchange for Change and certain of the Shareholders are competitors or potential competitors in various aspects of their businesses, a communication protocol approved by the board, establishes the basic principles for the conduct of communications and meetings of each Board, between Directors and management of Exchange for Change and between the management of Exchange for Change and Shareholders.

Exchange for Change Staff Information Management & Security Procedure

To ensure all business-related information is appropriately managed and delivered in accordance with planned arrangements, all Exchange for Change staff must adhere to the Information Management and Security procedure. Effective management of information should therefore take into consideration appropriate identification, storage, access, retention and disposal. Business related records may include financial, customer, employee, WHS and systems records, in any format including hardcopy and electronic.