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NSW Container Deposit Scheme Co-ordinator

Exchange for Change is one of the three organisations responsible for the running of the NSW container deposit scheme, Return and Earn.

Following an extensive two-stage tender process, Exchange for Change was appointed by the NSW Government to the role of Scheme Co-ordinator (29 July 2017). Exchange for Change is proud to be working with the NSW community to address the issue of littering, and to contribute to the Premier’s goal of reducing the volume of litter in NSW by 40% by 2020.

Exchange for Change’s core responsibility is the financial management of the Scheme. As such, Exchange for Change’s remit covers the sign-up of Suppliers into NSW, the cashflow into and out of the Scheme, and the auditing of collection points (which are managed by Network Operator, TOMRA Cleanaway).

Exchange for Change was established by five major beverage companies: Asahi, Carlton United Breweries, Coca Cola Amatil, Coopers and Lion who, along with two independent members including an independent Chair, now form the Board of Exchange for Change.

The Exchange for Change Board does not have access to, or visibility of, any information provided by other Suppliers. Information provided by Suppliers to Exchange for Change is treated with utmost confidentiality.

Operationally, Exchange for Change runs as an independent entity and operates within the legislation passed by the NSW Parliament in October 2016, and the regulations introduced in 2017.

Return and Earn

Return and Earn is the name of the NSW container deposit scheme. Here you’ll find information including a map of collection points, information on eligible and ineligible containers, and specific information for Community Groups & Charities, Suppliers & Retailers and the Media.

Suppliers of eligible containers into NSW will find the information that they need to sign-up to the scheme, here:

Our Members

Coca-Cola Amatil, through Statewide Recycling, and Lion and Coopers, through joint-venture Marine Stores, already operate existing Container Deposit Schemes in South Australia and the Northern Territory. Coca-Cola Amatil, Carlton & United Breweries and Asahi bring further experience of international industry-run schemes through their global networks, including Canada, Norway, Sweden and Japan.

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Drinks Suppliers & Retailers

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Latest News

Return and Earn publishes estimated costs for beverage suppliers in NSW

18 August 2017

The fees and timeline for suppliers under the NSW Government's Return and Earn container deposit scheme have been published on

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Exchange for Change appoints CEO to run Return and Earn

4 August 2017

Exchange for Change today announced the appointment of its CEO to support the introduction of the Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) in NSW. Mr Peter Bruce will lead the organisation, which has won the NSW Government tender to co-ordinate the state’s container deposit scheme, Return and Earn.

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Exchange for Change awarded contract in NSW Container Deposit Scheme

29 July 2017

NSW's leading beverage suppliers will have major new responsibilities in recycling drink containers in NSW, with industry joint venture Exchange for Change winning a Government tender to co-ordinate the state's Container Deposit Scheme. Exchange for Change Project Director Jeff Maguire said the beverages industry would be able to mobilise quickly to implement the NSW deposit scheme.

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Contact us to discuss how we can work together to deliver a successful scheme for the NSW community. You can also call us on 1800 813 887.

TOMRA Cleanaway is responsible for collection points and the management of collected containers. For information please go to or call 1800 290 691.